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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait...what is it that you guys do?
We use our staff of professional performers to visibly follow you or a consenting friend as paparazzi/entertainment journalists in any way that you want.

Can I hire you to actually follow someone around and take pictures?
No. We are not actual private detectives or real paparazzi. This is just a bad idea...and really creepy.

Can I surprise someone with this?
Yes… It can be done. You just need to be there in person to keep your friend from getting too freaked out. Notice we said friend. Don’t ask us to do this to someone you don’t like.

What do you need from me to make this work?
We will send out a questionnaire that gives us pertinent information about the person to get the celebrity treatment. This gives us a base for questions to ask, subjects the honored guest might want to speak on, and other fun things.

Do you actually take pictures? Can I get copies?
Yes we do, and yes you can! Please remember that these are tabloid pictures, not studio. They might not all be the most flattering. The focus of this service is the attention, not the photographs themselves. After it is all done, you will get copies of everything - photos, video, audio - whatever we’ve got, completely unedited.

How many paparazzi can I hire for one person?
We have several packages with a varying number of reporters, and custom packages are available. So really, as many as you want.

Do I need to put down a deposit?
Yes indeed. We require 50% down at signing to hold your date.

What if I need to cancel for things I can’t control?
Well, we do have some contingencies for that. If you cancel more than 21 days out, we refund ½ of the deposit. Less than 21 days, we have to keep the deposit to cover our costs but will try to reschedule something with you that will work. If you give us less than three days notice, we will have to collect the entire fee. Rescheduling is always the best option if it is more than 7 days out.

I want to have the paparazzi follow me to a fancy restaurant. Is that ok?
This is really case dependant. We don’t want to disrupt a place of business with something they are not prepared for or want. If you want the paparazzi to mob you in an establishment, we will need their permission. However... We can always mob you once you get outside!

Is travel for the performers part of the quote? Are there any hidden fees?
The price we will give you is "Out the Door" and covers everything that is needed. No fine print.

How far in advance do you book? How far in advance do I need to get in touch with you?
The sooner the better. This is something that is growing very quickly in popularity and you need to make sure to get us locked in while we are still available. We recommend you book at least a month in advance.

I just found out about what you do and I NEED IT for my event in two weeks...Pretty pretty please?
Well...You seem pretty cool. Give us a call. Sometimes we can work miracles… With even less than 48 hours notice!

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Time to alert the presses - fill out our contact form and let us know about the occasion you have in mind. Whether you are ready to go or still have some questions, we know that you deserve all the attention on your special day.


Time to alert the presses - fill out our contact form.